Welcome to East Valley Helena!

East Valley Helena is a neighborhood in Helena that has a lot in store for its residents. East Valley Helena, MT, is a great place to live if you enjoy a more rural area. One of the best things about this neighborhood is all of the different local businesses that are here. For example, Tizer Meats is a butcher shop that makes all of their meat patties right in their store! They have customized cuts if a customer wants a specific piece of meat, and they have different types of meat bundles that can save you a lot of money! There’s also an auto body shop - Top Gun Auto Body - that works towards making your car as beautiful as it can be. Their motto is “Where good enough just isn’t good enough.” That shows you just how hard-working these individuals are. If you enjoy playing golf, then Fox Ridge Golf Course is the place for you to go! Not only do they provide golfing lessons to people of all ages, but they also provide a delicious banquet at your leisure. This banquet includes an array of tender and delicious meats, and many other delicious courses as well. This golf course is definitely the place to be if you want to work on your swing.

East Valley is also near Lake Helena, so whenever you want to take a dip in the water, Lake Helena awaits you. The schools in the area are some of the best schools that Montana has to offer. These schools will most definitely ensure that your child is receiving the best education as possible. One of the schools in the area is the Montana Law Enforcement Academy. This academy focuses on training people who are interested in joining the Montana Law Enforcement. This academy will most definitely prepare you to be an excellent police officer, if that’s the career you want. Another school is Warren Elementary School. This elementary school works tirelessly to ensure that your child(ren) are understanding the curriculum, and are learning at the pace that they should be.

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